FAQ About Cross Stitch

1. Will the thread fade?
The thread is cotton and will not fade. Many people think that the thread fades because the printed color of the embroidery fabric fades.

2. Can the symbols on the printed fabric be washed off?
The symbols on the printed fabric are for the convenience of embroidering.
The water-soluble ink used in printing will fade when exposed to water. It must be cleaned after embroidering.

3. Will there be fewer lines?
There are 30% more thread in the package!
No lack of thread by normal embroidery(remember to divide the thread)
If shortage of individual thread numbers, you can embroider the complete picture and finally arrange the missing thread details and contact customer service to make up for free once.

4. Will the cotton thread fluff or break?
If one-time embroidering is done well, it will not fuzz.
If the stitches are repeatedly removed during the embroidering process (not embroidered well), the cotton thread may fuzz and break after embroidering for a long time.
If no fuzz and break, it only means that the thread is not cotton.
According to the normal embroidery method, thread fluff or break will not be particularly obvious.

5. Will the embroidery thread get knotted?
Straighten the thread before embroidering. It is recommended not to pull the thread too hard when embroidering.
The length should be controlled at about 60cm. Use thread wax to wipe off the thread before embroidering (it can reduce the friction between thread and cloth, because back and forth friction will affect thread fastness).
Pull the thread must be perpendicular to the embroidered cloth, not parallel to avoid knot.

6. Can the printing on the embroidered cloth be washed off?
After embroidering, rinse it several times with clean water to clean the floating color, then soak for 45 minutes and rinse it off.
If it has not been cleaned, it is recommended to add a little neutral detergent with warm water, soak and knead gently to clean.

7. Are the symbols and color blocks on the printed fabric actual colors?
Not actual colors, but just to distinguish colors and facilitate your embroidery.
When embroidering, refer to the serial number corresponding to the symbol and extract the thread from the corresponding number hole on the thread board to embroider.
After embroidering, it is ensured that the effect of the embroidery and the cover is basically the same.

8. Notes: The canvas cannot touch water before the embroidery is completed, otherwise part printed content will disappear.