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What is Cross Stitch?

Cross Stitch is an embroidery method that uses special embroidery threads and cross-check cloth, and uses the cross-weaving method of warp and weft to embroider against the special coordinate pattern. Therefore,anyone can embroider with the same effect!

How to make Cross Stitch?

Step 1: Thread: align several strands of thread on one side, then rotate to entangle them together, press the pinhole against the thread on your finger, and slide it left and right several times.

Step 2: Starting the needle: thread the needle into the cloth, leave some thread at the end, and then press the thread tightly when embroidering the next stitch

Step 3: Embroidering the picture: first embroider the thread of the same color, and Embroider half stitches in the same row and then embroider full stitches back.

Step 4: Narrowing the needle: Thread the thread directly under the thread next door on the back